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    Hi All,

    I have recently setup my PS3 in the living room and my XBOX 360 in my boys room as media centres from my PC (using TVersity) I now want something for the bedroom, any ideas what I can use (wireless) - First thoughs were to get a cheap 360 just for this but is there anything else that will do the job?



    An original xbox with xbmc on works well, not sure how easy they are to make wireless though

    Agree with Sancho, you can connect it to a wirelss bridge to connect your network

    something like ]this?

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    Really? This little fella will do the job for £21??…tml

    Thanks guys!

    £18 at cex:…buy

    it needs softmodding though - takes about 5 mins and then you need to upload XBMC.

    It is easy to do but will not work straight out of the box

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    Thanks again guys, my local CEX has a few in stock and a wireless bridge to £10! - will my popping there in my lunch break today!

    cool let us know how you get on, and if you need any help.
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