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I would like to be able to store and/or stream my video & audio to my HDTV via a media centre of some description. The closest thing i have seen is…PGA but it seems expensive for what it does. Maplins also sell…7m3

Any more options or thoughts on the above products would be welcome.


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I depends what you can use XBMC with the Xbox1 to stream media from your PC. You can pick up and old xbox for £50 brand new or get a second hand one, then you have to modify it, not sure how much this costs as ive never done it. Ive read plenty of people on here who have lots of experience using this, so maybe someone can elaborate. I personally stream all my tv proggies from my media center pc to my xbox360 and it works a treat.

Ouf of those two options you mention, the first link, the device seems like it limits the file types you can stream, which the lifebox in the second link doesnt. I would say the lifebox would be a good option for you. How about wires? Do you have wireless connections... or can you easily hide wires to/from tv and PC?

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Hello, thanks for your reply.

Never thought about using an old xbox as a media centre. Are these available still at £50 ?

I have a wireless network setup around the house and use it for pc, laptop, xbox 360 etc. You mention streaming via the xbox 360 - is that option only avaibalbe with Windows XP MCE or does vista have the option ?


perfect if you have vista (provided its got media center capabilities eg premium, ultimate) and xbox 360, you dont need to spend anything. The program to use is available in two versions, one for XP MCE and one for vista. Its called transcode360 and is available from HERE Basically what it does is transcode the files on the fly into mpeg2 so that the xbox360 will accept them. Natively the 360 only accepts playback of wmv's and some mpeg2's.
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