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Found 5th Aug 2009
My parents are after something that will allow them to watch the movies I have stored on a hard drive on their nice new TV.

The issue being is that the drive is in my room and is in a USB enclosure attached to my WDTV Box.

So i thought the logical idea would be to Network the drive and get a media centre extender running from WMC on the family PC (Or similar network based system)

So basically im looking for advice on two things:

Cheap but decent USB NAS enclosure (or device to make the USB drive NAS)
Cheap but decent Media centre extender (or network media device)

Advice greatly appreciated!


The following page has a list of devices that support DLNA protocol…cts

Maybe you can consider using an old PC with Tversity (or similar) instead of the NAS.

If you are techical enough you could have a TV recording system, I use MythBuntu with a dual TV card to record the shows I want to see, and can view them on my PS3. Preferrably over a wired network, as wireless throughput may not be enough for High Def.

Hope that helps

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Tbh they are just looking for something small and sleek that's not overly complicated, it will be used over a wired network so that isn't an issue.

I think NAS is the only feasible option rather than an old PC as we want always on/low power, but its a good idea! :P

Thanks both for your input + rep to you guys

What about an external hard drive with output to TV?

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What about an external hard drive with output to TV?

That could work if it is networked! it has to be accessed in 2 places maybe 3 so it needs to have network functionality.

you got any ideas for that?

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Xbox like I said.

not really a massive fan of using the original xbox tbh.

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LOL self aware like skynet, that's awesome :P
using one of the original xbox is a bit overkill for what we need i might just stick to a WDTV.

However could use advice on a NAS enclosure/dongle one that supports Samba (SMB) and NFS ideally.
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