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Found 1st Dec 2009

Am interested in buying a media streamers. The plan would be to have it link up to the TV and then be able to play both the video and sound from movies i have on my notepad. My notepad is wireless and was hoping on doing this without having to have any wires about.

The one i;ve found is the below. Is this the best as per amazon suggests, or does someone have any other suggestion to aid.

Many thanks,…8-1


Do you have an xbox or PS3 (before you go off and buy something you may not need)

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Just had a thought - -could it be much cheaper to link the notedpad via a lead??

If so, would i use the usual monitor out so an hdmi lead? How do I then get sound to go through, and more importantly, would it remain in sync??


ps. I have a samsung notepad and a samsung HD TV.

I have a WDTV live and it's great

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i dont have either console unfortunately.

just use a VGA cable and set it to the VGA/PC input on your TV

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You dont get sound through a VGA cable though do you?
Or am i wrong?

I would like to know this as I connect my laptop to plasma via vga and get a picture but no sound.

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At the moment i have my monitor plugged in to the TV via the usual VGA port from notepad to the one on the TV. All I get is sound.

As much as i try i cant get sound via the pc through any port on the tv. The solution i found was to use audio cables from my notepads sounds port and link it in to the DVD player. So I've the image through one cable and the sound through the other.

As my PC is HD and only about a year old now, im pretty annoyed i cant simply get it to play sound. I was thinking the HDMI port run from the PC may help. Not sure if this is possible, Found the below on ebay. Doubt however it would answer the sound issue.

The sound tends to lose sync at time through the DVD player.

There's lots of sound ports on the TV too, but it just doesnt seem to work. Not sure why.


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Think i'm going to go for the Xtreamer. Look an all round better option.

Am i right in thinking if i acquire blu-ray riips to 1080p and play thorugh this, its in effect going to be the same quality as blu-ray, hence HD? Meaning my HD-ready tv, will not just be ready, but actually HD active 2 years after purchase!!

Thanks for the help
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