Media Streamers - Which one to buy?


    I'm going to buy myself a deserved birthday treat of a media streamer this week and after looking around this and other sites I'm no clearer over which one to purchase.

    Had my eye on the WDTV HD Live for about £90 off amazon.

    Also like the look of the Sumvision Cyclone which is much cheaper.…=60

    I want one which can play mkv pretty easily and also ACHVD content done from my HD camcorder.

    This will probably open a can of worms, but I'd be interested to know where people go on this in a budget range of up to 90 pounds.

    Thanks for the help in advance.


    I have a WDTV HD and its great. Connects to my NAS easily, plays almost anything and just works.

    Finally found something which does what it says it does. Have been through loads of media players/servers etc and this is the best so far.

    ac ryan

    I had the same dilemma, i searched AVforums etc for tips and the best at the time was the netgear EVA8000. With this ammo i opted for the second hand EVA 8000 from ebay. If your buying devices such as these i would be extra careful as they firmware updates if not done correctly can cause all kinds of problems.
    With hindsight i wish i had put a few extra quid in and bought the EVA9150 with a 500Gb drive and it's wireless N. Amazon seem to have the best prices on them if you can stump up a few extra pounds?
    Good luck with the decision.
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