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    Hi everyone, i'd be greatful for some suggestions for streaming media such as mp3 and video from my PC in the bedroom to my tv and sound system in the living room.
    I'll be setting up a wireless network in the near future and have purchased a Ruckus wireless access point + adaptor but need suggestions for what is best to connect this up to. Been looking at a few media hubs but need something that'll play whatevers thrown at it and i'd rather to steer clear of connecting to a games console, i have both an xbox and a 360 but the noise they make when they're running put me off.
    Anyone using a similar set-up or got any ideas?
    Thanks in advance


    If you need something that will be able to play anything, you're really going to need a Windows-based PC. What's your budget like?

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    Will settle for being able to play video formats such as xvids and divx, basically the usual formats of torrents. Budget would probably be up to around £100
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