Posted 26th Oct 2022 (Posted 21 h, 40 m ago)
hi all,

I'm saying lots of fancy media walls in Instagram that have a separate recess for the soundbar.

One major flaw in this and I can't for the life of me understand why everyone seems to be copying each other is that with Dolby Atmos, you have top firing speakers and also some on the side. Inside a recess this is going to destroy the surround effect and likely create reverb.

What's the solution?

I was looking to get the 65 inch S95b and Q700b soundbar. what sort of design will I want?
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    If you value your audio fidelity - you would use separates, not a soundbar...
    I have restrictions and this is not a helpful comment
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    You're absolutely right, and if you look at the positioning recommendations from the manufacturer (rather than insta or other social media) you often find them on a TV cabinet with free air all round them. To be honest, I wouldn't put any speaker into a recess, whether it was backward firing or not. There's a reason why positioning freestanding speakers is an artform all on it's own. The sound stage doesn't come from the speakers alone, it reacts to the environment.

    But media walls are a compromise between form and function. For me if I couldn't go for separates (and my wife would kill me if I tried!!) I would at least find a way to surface mount the sound bar rather than putting it in a recess. Or if there was a table or shelf below the wall, use that and get close to what the manufacturer planned.
    This is the design:

    We could remove the recess and have a floating shelf in the same location, so the upward speakers fire and the soundbar has space.

    What do you think of that solution?
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    Most soundbars come with a hidden wall mount so no need for a shelf unless you want one for aesthetic reasons.

    Lg make a range of slim, flush fitting, soundbars to match the LG G1 & G2 tvs - front firing “virtual” Atmos designs.…-g1

    48538374-qNALm.jpg (edited)
    That's a better solution, not just the wall mount but the fact that it's front firing. I had a quick look at soundbars and saw lots that fire up, back and even sideways. None of which are a good idea in a recess (in my opinion).

    (Hmm, just looking at the price, it's actually getting close to the price I bought the whole TV for!!)
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    I would not bother with a Samsung TV as no Dolby Vision.
    It's negligible difference in my eyes.. unless you can show me a better oled TV around £1800 with a soundbar that is 65"? (edited)
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