Medical Help

    I have an embarrasing medical condition.
    I can't do number 2's more than once per month
    I went to the doctor last week and he prescribed me some suppositories.
    After reading the instructions, it told me to place in the back passage twice a day.
    I havent actually got a back passage, so I put them in the porch, they are still there, nothing has happened to them.
    Frankly, I think the doctor is a sham and I may as well stick them up my a*@e for the good they are doing.
    When I go back next week, he has asked me to take a stool with me, do you think a chair will do as I don't own a stool?


    eat more fruit and veg a day :whistling:



    P.S. skusey, your avatar scares me!!!

    Eat Brown Bread, Brown Rice, Weeatbix and Fruit and Fibre!!!

    Basically anything brown and will come out the same colour too!! :thumbsup:

    take the arm chair with you, you should be fine with that!

    Lol, my little girl was given some of those by the doctor. NOT a pleasant experience!

    Lol....Nice one skusey!
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