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    hello good people is there any medical people on here that can advise me please !! i have a very painful ulcer on the tip of my tongue .do i need to see a doctor ? many thanks for any help/advise



    put some bonjella on it


    No, you don't need to see a doctor!!

    Lol .......there is a new product advertised on tv called iglu, it puts like a sheild around the ulcer.


    No, you don't need to see a doctor!!

    lolz when i was in A&E earlier there was a guy who came in with something up with this mouth, the nurse told him to go to the dentist :lol: what a ****

    Get some liquid Anbesol, stings like heck but works!

    I'm not surprised there is an ulcer on the tip of your tongue.....a fly has probably hit it at 60 mile per hour if you were driving like that in the wind... :roll:

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    many thanks for advice ! i just thought any mouth ulcer related to a stomach problem that was all thanks again all !!

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    hey thanks StevenA2000_uk there is always one ps nice avatar mate !!!

    I had an ulcer on my tongue a while ago and was putting bonjela on it, wasnt going and hurt putting it on. Stopped putting it on and it went on its own - bonjela seemed to be making it worse (good for ulcers elsewhere in the mouth though)

    Ask your pharmacist
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