Medical negligence

    Can anyone recommend a national or local (to South Wales) Medical Negligence firm? I have a genuine case and am put off by the thought of a cowboy firm..


    Judge Steve here residing
    Please state your case and it will be for my fellow HUKD members to decide wether to you have a case to be heard.

    Pannone in Manchester

    If you have not been advised by a Clinical Negligence (vulture) solicitor then how do you know you have a case?

    Ask citizen's advice.

    What do you mean by medical negligence? If it is with a Doctor, you should call the GMC and make a complaint. If it is with a nurse, call the NMC and follow the same process. Anything negligence by a medical professional to you goes through a complaints process via the respective regulator.

    Not like the NHS need money, I'm sure legal battles are justified. After all it's the taxpayer who pays for it right?.

    This kind of thing is not for misc to judge medical negligence dose happen it happened to a baby I know who now has brain damage and upto 100 fits in 24 hours. Non of us know the circumstances of this request so from a non biased point of view. No I don't know a firm but hope you find what you are looking for.

    As above, contact Citizen's Advice and there's usually solicitors which offer a free 1/2 hour assessment where you would be able to get advice and they may be able to recommend who would be best to deal with your case.

    You have not made it clear whether you are talking about possible negligence that occurred privately or within the NHS.
    But on the assumption you are talking about NHS, if you go to Citizens Advice this is just one piece of information they are likely to point you to.
    Health > NHS and social care complaints > Complaining about the NHS > Taking your complaint to court > Clinical negligence
    If you do contact them though, they will explore thoroughly with you the potential next steps you could take.

    The NHS doesn't have any insurance to pay for medical negligence cases. Each trust gives an amount to a central body which is a part of the NHS to deal with claims centrally.

    Therefore the extortionate legal costs of such claims simply financially weaken the NHS further in funding both their's and the appellant's legal team.

    As for cowboy firms; they are all ambulance chasers and they make a preposterous amount in doing this. They won't take your case as a charity case but whether they believe they can 'earn' their fees as part of the possible settlement. They won't be concerned in whether there is a mistake to be learned from in the NHS. Hopefully this would be your objective in your intention of pursuing your possible case.

    As you don't say whether your possible case is NHS, GP or private It's impossible to give a definitive answer however the link in #9 above is the place to start. There may also be a South Wales organisation that monitors your area's NHS which could be found on the internet. Certainly when I had my own issue (in the south of England) that is what I did.

    Good luck. I hope you make the right decision.

    Original Poster

    Thanks for all the positive advice.


    Thanks for all the positive advice.

    I think you should post the details so the HUKD jury can rule on it.

    Hugh James solicitors Cardiff. A few unions do use them for accident claims.
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