Heya. One of my friends had a song on his iPod which was basically a medley/remix of loads of great songs. There was some beatles, some queen and then some newer stuff too.

    Does anyone know what it probably was, or any other good ones?


    Just do a search on Limewire or whatever you use for 'Megamix'.

    Thinking about it, is it not the Stars on 45 or summit? :?

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    I looked at the Stars on 45 one... it wasn't that.

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    Aha... megamix. Didn't think of that.


    Aha... megamix. Didn't think of that.

    Duh!? :? :whistling: :giggle: Only kidding....

    60's megamix maybe.....50s/60s megamix

    Man! Don't go near limewire! Unless you want your pc riddled with spyware or other crap.
    Go for soulseek.
    Stars on 45, lol, that takes me back. Could it be a Jive Bunny megamix? lol.

    No honestly, i think i know the one your on about - they play it at some of the pubs in my town at the end of every friday night. I DETEST IT!!! I totally understand why people fight outside - its nothin to do with too much shandys its those gawd forsaken megamixes!!!!

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    Hehe. End of every friday night... to drive you out of the pub no doubt. It's instead of the last orders bell.

    EDIT: Some megamixes are in excess of an hour and a bit. No need for a DJ. ;-)

    I got Limewire Pro and no problems whatsoever!

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    Mash-ups can be a good laugh. Like the 50 Cent vs Thomas the Tank Engine I posted earlier...

    Hey Duckmagic, I'm absolutely certain the song/megamix you are looking for is by a guy called Osymyso. It's v.good
    Track is possibly called Introinspection - Don't have my jukebox to hand.

    The DMC and Grandmaster mixes are pretty good too

    try find out from ur friend what that mix is called Duck cause id like to have a listen it sounds good x
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