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Found 6th Jun
How do I book online for vue?

Do I just choose 1 adult and add the code?
Only problem is I can’t select 2 seats.

If I select two adults the price is the same as 2 tickets?

Any advice will be appreciated
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Did you figure this out? Usually you add 1 adult ticket, then add the code for the Meerkat second ticket.

Better to buy in cinema though as you avoid the fees
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Best way is to have the meerkat app. Get your code and select the cinema near you, takes u to the website. You then pick your film as you usually would and on the adult child oap ect page it should auto have you as 1 adult normal price and 1 meerkat movie discounted price. You will find the meerkat movie toward the bottom or top depending on the cinema. Then select your seats ect and your good to go! Hope this helps
Also just thought, if doing it via the website directly you should be able to input your meerkat code in on the page where you select number of people going... once done it will give you the option as above for 1 meerkat and 1 adult ect 🕺
Thanks guys, sorted it 🏼
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