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    Hi,has anybody used meet and greet at Doncaster airport. It is coming up cheaper than actually parking myself but I'm a bit nervous as to what I actually have to do ,so need advice from people that have actually done it please.


    I've used meet and greet. You drive straight to it which is next to terminal , park in a bay - go to reception with bags and keys and then get a card you keep. Then just walk to terminal entrance- usually 1 min walk if that.
    I checked my mileage - always take a photo when parked up and 4 miles max had been used - they obviously drive it away to a separate nearby secure car park and bring it back when you are due to return

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    Thank you pookynuts

    Doncaster airport is small, the long stay is outside the terminal building anyhow. The meet and greet must be one of these off site storage places that direct you to short stay car park and meet you and then take your car off site if it's cheaper than normal parking. I used this type at Birmingham and it was fine.

    I've used it at Manchester a few times. It's really good.

    We used meet and greet at Donny in February, brilliant! TBH didn't know they moved the vehicle off site, but just drop it off n 2 minute walk to terminal, good value too. We looking for similar at Manchester in July but prices are horrendous. Have a great trip

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    What happens if you're slightly early or later than the time you've put on the booking sheet?
    thank you all for your replies.

    That seems to be the norm now booked my car in cheaper to use meet and greet then park and ride also have a look if the same company is on top cash back

    Ive used this and sometimes you can get voucher code to reduce the price- just google. It is so easy to use. They have free trolleys by the office too and when we were there a lady even brought it to the car for us. Fantastic!


    What happens if you're slightly early or later than the time you've put … What happens if you're slightly early or later than the time you've put on the booking sheet?thank you all for your replies.

    Manchester have a 6 hour extension if your flight is late - you normally give flight details so they know if delayed. Donny must be similar . We arrived 45 min earlier and no issues.

    It's cheaper because your car is dumped in a field or on a random street somewhere with a lot of these companies. There was an article recently about people's cars getting tickets from random car parks whilst they were on holiday.
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