Mega Movie Week 2020 MEGA THREAD - Digital sale films from £2.99 multi platform including iTunes, Google, Prime etc...

Posted 20th Jan 2020
Mega Movie week is now live! In order to keep it neat Ive attempted to make a Mega Thread here (like i did last year), ill be updating deals as i find them due to the possibility not all deals have gone live at the time of writing and the deals can remain hidden in the depths of the stores until found or advertised publically, indeed some deals didn't appear until later in the day.

Please feel free to add them as you find them too, otherwise we will have 1 post for each film x each platform!

Deal prices were fairly consistent across all platforms, so ill try to include Amazon Prime Video, the Apple TV app, BT TV Store, CHILI, the Google Play Store, Microsoft Store, PlayStation Store, Rakuten TV, Sky Store and Talk Talk TV.

More info on MM20 can be found here...…20/

(Quick thanks to all those helping to update this list

So far in the iTunes Store...

Fast and Furious Hobbs and Shaw 4K £6.99

Spiderman Far from Home 4K £5.99

Spiderman Homecoming 4K £2.99

Once upon a time in hollywood 4K £5.99

Secret Life of Pets 2 4K £4.99

Saving Private Ryan 4K £2.99

Forrest Gump 4K £2.99

Apollo 11 4K £2.99

Hacksaw Ridge 4K £2.99

Angry Birds 2 4K £4.99

Split 4K £2.99

American Psycho (uncut) 4K £2.99

Brightburn 4K £4.99

Halloween 2018 4k £2.99

Us 4K £2.99

Bad Boys 4K £2.99

MIB International 4K £4.99

Xmen Dark Pheonix 4K £5.99

How to Train Your Dragon Hidden World 4K £2.99

Fifty Shades Triology 4K £8.99

Anna 4K £4.99

John Wick 3 4K £4.99

Bad Boys 2 4K £4.99

Missing Link 4K £4.99

Dora and the lost city of gold 4K £7.99

Pitch perfect 3 4K £2.99

Phantom thread 4K £2.99

Star Trek Beyond 4K £2.99

Star Trek Into Darkness 4K £2.99

Baby Driver 4K £2.99

Ghostbusters 2016 4K £2.99

Ghostbusters 4K £2.99

Dirty Dancing 4K £2.99

Jumanji 4K £2.99

Jack Reacher Never go back 4K £2.99

Shaun of the dead 4K £2.99

Holmes and Watson 4K £2.99

Zombieland 4K £2.99

Night Hunter HD £4.99

Yesterday 4K £4.99

Good Boys HD £4.99

Playmobil movie HD £4.99

Horrible Histories HD £4.99

Jurassic Park Collection 4K £12.99

Equalizer 1 & 2 HD/4K £5.99 (£2.99 ea)

Fast and Furious collection with Hobbs etc... 4K £24.99

Baywatch 4K £2.99

Scarface 4K £2.99

Sausage party 4K £2.99

Can you ever forgive me? 4K £3.99

Cold Pursuit 4K £2.99

A Good Day to Die Hard 4K £3.99

Hunger Games 1-4 4K £2.99ea

Bad Times at El Royale 4K £3.99

Labyrinth 4K £2.99

Peter Rabbit 4K £2.99

Power Rangers 4K £2.99

Hitmans Bodyguard 4K £2.99

Hellboy (new) 4K £4.99

Mortal Engines 4K £2.99

Deer Hunter 4K £2.99

Cobra Kai Season 1 HD £4.99

The Queens Corgi 4K £4.99

Captain Marvel HD £6.99

Avengers Endgame HD £7.99

Fighting with my family HD £3.99
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