Mega pixel rip-off?

    It appears to me that as soon as you buy a 5mp camera, an updated 6mp model is released a couple of months later. You get the 6mp one, then a 7mp version is on the shelves!
    It appears to my eye that the 7mp version was all ready to ship when the 6mp one was being released. Are we being sold dated hardware as state of the art' tech? Once every possible mug has bought the earlier version, then they release the eye candy they have had in their vaults for the past two months (at the same time, now having the 8mp version ready to go in a few months)?
    Do you get the feeling that we are being taken for muppets by the digicam industry? I do.


    yes, of course lol.

    Don't look for mega pixels, look for the image sensors (CMOS, CCD)...

    Would recommend aiming for an SLR or DSLR myself, as these will keep you happy for a long time. Although, they will put you into the overdraft for a long time usually...

    Same happens with most technology - if you want the latest and greatest you pay through the nose - it's those that buy the next gen stuff that keep them in business. The profit on selling the older tech is low, so by drip feeding it they maximise revenue. You have to ask yourself "Do I need another pixel?" or as Browni said buy a DSLR - will be cheaper in long run.

    Its all about the 'lens', the pixels mean nothing.

    5mp all all anyone would need. For compact cameras stick to Sony, Canon, Nikon, Panasonic etc.

    Be prepared to spend at least £150.

    DSLR is the way to go if your into cameras, Point and shoots are always going to be updated pretty quickly!

    Saying that though, My brother bought a Samsung 8mp point and shoot at Christmas from PC world and the pictures are excellent!

    It happens with everything. Microsoft have probably got technology that is 20 years ahead of it's time, but they'll release it bit by bit so that people think it's amazing, buy it, then realise something else is coming around the corner, buy that, so on and so forth.

    Why show all your cards now for a quick buck when you can do it bit by bit and take all our money?

    If you're not going to be printing photos bigger than 6" x 4" (standard size) then 3.1 megapixel is plenty big enough.

    I won a 10mp camera (woo-hoo!) & the photos it takes are suitable for poster size with no loss of picture quality - far too big for what I want, but hey! it's free!

    Original Poster

    I read somewhere that 'true' 35mm quality is represented by 12 or so megapixels. But most people will never need any more than 5 or 6mp, for A4 or lower. Also , there are some pretty amazing re-sampling and upsizing apps out there, I use PhotoZoom Pro 2.
    I have a Canon Powershot A95 with waterproof housing (5mp) for those shots you want on rainy days and mondays. Then I have my new Fuji S5600z for when I want some good close ups. All in all, that is sufficient for my needs. I do want a dSLR, but i'm saving up for that.

    Technology is improving all the time, it's not that difficult to add more megapixels compared to redesigning the body, producing a new lens etc.

    As has been mentioned, more megapixels isn't necessarily better anyway - one of the best compact camera sensors at the moment is the Fuji F30 6MP sensor which has excellent high ISO performance. As long as you buy a good body, lens and sensor you don't need to worry about them increasing the sensor resolution these days. Given the choice, I'd rather the Panasonic LX2 actually had less resolution and better optimised for noise, I really like the feature set (28mm wideangle stabilised lens with widescreen sensor) but the soft pictures can be irritating, I tend to stick with SLRs even when the larger body is inconvenient.

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