Megabus/Megatrain Liverpool to London tickets still available?

Found 16th Jan 2014
You used to be able to get Megabus/Megatrain Liverpool to London tickets at discounted prices from megabus website.. .But it seems to be buses only now? Have they gone for good?
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That's a great question Webcon19; it's exactly the question I have been wanting to ask! - I sincerely hope that megatrain 'will' continue to operate a discounted/advance ticket as they have done in the past! - The loss of the cheapee megatrain tickets seems to have originated from Virgin trains losing the west coast franchise? - Virgin gained an injunction from t'Govt & are still running trains from Liverpool to London however, when you enter the travel details into the megatrain site it automatically defaults to megabus. - This matter is further exacerbated by the revision of megabus times departing London Vic coach station, thus arriving in Liverpool to L.pool One coach station after midnight...er when most of the Cities local buses have stopped running!!! - btw, very well done Stagecoach...I love your amazingly cheap Bus + Train deals but please please can you re-revise the departure times from said London Victoria coach station to Liverpool One bus station...ie: leaving Victoria an hour or two earlier [4.30pm as in the past] to allow us weary travellers upon reaching Liverpool One Bus station to obtain onward [localised] bus connections upon...ta ta
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