Megalodon shark jaw

scary stuff, imagine seeing this in the water.


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Largest prehistoric Megalodon shark jaw ever assembled up for auction

It makes the Great White shark in Jaws look like a goldfish.

But this giant prehistoric shark jaw comes from the largest predator ever to have existed on Earth.

The 16-metre long Megalodon shark, which died out 1.5million years ago, was once the true king of the ocean, weighing an awesome 100 tons.

It took famed fossil hunter Vito 'Megalodon' Bertucci almost 20 years to reconstruct the jaw

The jaw set is composed of 182 fossil teeth, some over seven inches long and is expected to sell for $700,000 (£436,000) at a sale by Heritage Auctions in Dallas, Texas, on 12 June

At left is a fossilized Megalodon tooth. At right is a fossilized Great White tooth
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Crazy or what, luckily for us these sort of creatures are extinct!


Jaws.... eat your heart out!


Awesome creature. 50 foot great white

Noone can be sure why they died out. Number of theories one of which is that its food supply migrated to colder waters and it couldnt follow. Cant say i blame them

Is that Janet Street Porter's dentist photographed by gobcam?

If anyone knows of any documentrys about these let me know, seems like it will be interesting.

Humans would have still hunted them to extinction.


Crazy or what, luckily for us these sort of creatures are extinct!

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