Megane key reprogramming "HELP"

    Im looking at getting a 02 Megane, but it only comes with one key!! does anyone know how or where i can get another key and how much it costs, im in Kent.
    Thanks in advance for your help.


    renault dealers i presume. :thumbsup:

    I used a key cutter service in our local market for my fiat, he had all the equipment to read the original; at a cost of £18.

    I recently replaced a lost key on a 52 reg Renault Scenic. The key had to be ordered at a renault dealership and the chip programmed to match the immobilser on the car at the dealership. They need the car at the garage. Cost was about £110.
    I contacted various other companies but none of them were able to do it, and all referred me to Renault.
    I was also told by theses companies that once chips are programmed they cannot be reprogrammed, so beware of 'second hand' keys on sale on the internet.

    Hope this helps.

    i was told a similar thing about the scenic keys when i asked about a one for our car. a key cutter can cut a key for you but it will only open the doors, but made the point in saying due to the immoblizer you wouldn't be able to use the plain key to start the car, so a waste of time and money.

    The only solution is to go to Renault, which is what they advised us. a key cutter isn't going to give trade away unless they can't help.

    Sorry, bad news i'm afraid.

    you might never lose the one key you have got so get a cheap key cut so that if you do lose your chipped key you have a blueprint to get a chipped key cut, only cross that bridge when you get to it


    Well, its not all bad news-you know it costs about £150 (time included), so get that knocked off the price.

    Ring the dealer and get a quote and get that knocked off the price, if you do get another key make sure that only the 2 you have are programmed to the car and get the others cancelled so they wont work.
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