Free COVID 19 resources for people with additional needs and carers

Posted 25th Mar
To keep everyone safe, healthy and happy, it's important that everyone understands about COVID-19. Many companies which normally charge to produce accessible (easy-read) information, have produced resources for free to support individuals with learning disabilities or other additional needs.

A few links for the same topic are provided given that what may be accessible for one person, may not be accessible for another (i.e. photos versus symbols versus level of information provided).

Accessible information on COVID19 – story books
Beating the virus

Dave the dog is worried about Corona virus (thanks reindeer333)

What is coronavirus?

Accessible information on COVID19 - leaflets
Advice about Coronavirus – my favourite, easy to understand.

What is the Coronavirus – in social story

Mencap easy-read guidance – uses photos, 3 pages

Public Health England – provides more detailed information, most amount of text of options

Accessible information on disasters
Coping after a disaster

Accessible information on handwashing
How to wash your hands. Produced by All Purple Stars (Learning Disabilities Rap Group)

Explaining washing your hands gets rid of germs- video:

Accessible information on social distancing
New rules for staying at home and away from others by Easy read online – high or low resolutions available, uses symbols, 10 pages.

Down’s Syndrome info on social distancing– uses photos, 12 page.

SCLD social distancing guidelines

Accessible information on isolation
Easy read online – stay at home

Accessible information on COVID 19 and Mental Health

General mental health
Widgit - Upset by the News

How to tackle panic attacks by Michael Safranek and Mark Bennett, Therapy Comics- click on “panic workbook"

Sleep How to improve your sleep by Michael Safranek and Mark Bennett, Therapy Comics- click on Sleep workbook:

Progressive Muscle Relaxation Guide to muscle relaxation – click on ‘PGMR worksheet’

Guidance for carers

Coping with stress
Guidance on coping with stress during infectious disease outbreaks

Tips for staying well when social distancing with children Royal College of Occupational Therapists – click on advice and then click on download PDFs

NB: The situation is regularly changing - information may not be updated as quickly as governmental guidance so be aware of out-of-date information.
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