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    I'm looking for some advice regarding software for a sports club. We have around 200 members (and growing) and are going to have automated records of all members as well as payment methods etc.

    We need the software to keep track of everyone, such as personal details and also to alert us when a membership subscription runs out etc. Obviously mail merging and various filters/searches would be require also.

    Ive been looking at a few special purpose software packages such as Igo figure 3.5 and some Martial art ones like Champions Way - but am obviously reluctant at this stage to shell out for one. The may be something simpler and cheaper that does the job.

    I dont think I could create on in Access as I am not that good with it, have had PHP scripts mentioned too but that seems a little complicated at the moment.

    Anyone running similar systems who may be able to offer some advice or guidance?

    Regards, Alix


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    Just bringing this back to the top for last time incase anyone may be able to help

    Access would be your best bet. Depending on how big, what you want with the database I maybe able to help you out with Access. Haven't used it in a while so will have to be refreshed with it. Drop a PM if your interested.


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    Thanks J,

    I will draw up a bit of a requirements list and then PM you and see what you can help with. Regards, Alix
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