Memorable mobile numbers from ebay...

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Found 26th Jan 2008
Anyone got any stories, pitfalls, recommendations etc on buying a memorable mobile number from ebay?

Looking to pick up something half decent for a new contract I want, so any help you guys can give me will be appreciated.



Think the network can get funny about giving you a pac code?

got a few off there in my time never had any problems but a few tips id give you
1) make sure the the sim is 100% new and working
(dont want to get calls from people you donr no if its used)
2) make sure its a real sim and not a cheap divert number (yack number)
3) try get one on the network u are joining (will make the transfer easier) but transfering from network to another is pritty easy
ps ive got a few platinum sims for sale i did have them listed on here let me no if your interested and ill re-list them on here
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