Memorex DVD+R @ £1.99 for 25 and free P+P

    I would like to extend my thanks to the Guy that posted this deal for "2 minutes" before it was removed because it was Amazon Tradeplace.

    I purchased 100 for £7.96 delivered and got them today. They replaced the order with TDK which are better and I think I have just had one of the best bargains ever on this site.

    Amazon Tradeplace I just can't understand a deal is a deal wherever



    I'm waiting on mine still, but it's nice to hear you got yours, I also purchased 100.


    We cannot allow marketplace as it encourages self promotion and spam, and allowing one marketplace site would lead to the floodgates opening- we'd be asked why we don't allow ebay, playtrade etc etc.
    It's also more difficult for us to verify whether a seller is legit or not.
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