Found 20th May 2010
evening all, i feel stupid asking but i actually dont have a lcue what im looking for. i just need a cheap memory card so i can take my work to college with me thats all not looking for nothing fancy just something thats half decent but cheap. any help is appreciated.

thank you


flash drive is probably best (plugs into usb)

What kind of files will you be taking? How much space will you need roughly?

A USB drive would probably do. Either the one posted above, or have a look in Tesco, they have some cheap ones.

When I need to take work to Uni I usually just email it to myself. So many times I've driven all the way to Uni to realise I left my USB stick in the front of my PC!

I usually email it or put it on my phone ^_^

Nick has the right idea =]
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