Memory Card for DSi

    My daughter has just bought the new dsi for herself and when she goes on the internet it keeps saying there isn't enough memory to show web pages. Does this mean she needs to put a memory card in?

    If so which card would you recommend please

    Thank you


    That's bizzare, as I have been surfing the web all morning, looking at graphic intensive sites but I didn'tget any out of memory message (except on facebook). Any SD memory card would be compatible (up to 8gb) I stuck a 1gb card in and have no probs except facebook

    Original Poster

    weird, thanks

    Is it all webpages?

    Having an SD card in shouldn't make any difference.

    I just posted a deal for SD Cards, take a look;…gb-

    I have been playing about with the web surfing on it and surfing a few Art sites with tons of images and have not had that error yet. Have you tried to clear the cookies and history yet?

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    Will try clearing history etc, thanks peeps

    Just bought 2 of these and no message like you get. I'm wondering if the internal memory in yours as a problem and has some bad blocks maybe?

    If it keeps doing it (with all web pages), I'd be thinking about exchanging tbh.
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