Memory Card for my Nikon D40


    Well thanks for all the help with finding the Nikon D40 for me. I am now on the hunt for extras for it but most importantly what is the best deals on SD memory cards at the moment. Im not very Techie so have no idea what i should even be looking for quality wise. :oops:

    Cheers in advance Lisa


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    Cheers Emma

    Hey Lisa, where di you get your D40 at the end??

    I think Nikon recomend Sandisk, either the ULTRA II or even better the extreme III.


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    Hi Cris,
    I ended up getting it from Jessops. I ordered it on monday and it came yesterday lunch. Chuffed to bits, just need to find some memory cards now. I wasnt sure if they recommended certain ones i havent got to that part of the book yet, lol.

    Have you ordered yours yet?


    Hi Lisa,

    Havent ordered it yet but will do it sometime this month probalby from jessopns or calumet..

    I will probably get the bits before like the sd card though. I think the speed can be quite important so don't just pcik the cheapest one...

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