Memory Card For SE K800I – 512 MB


    Can you please let me know where I can get hold of a memory pro duo card that is 512 MB.

    Which is the cheapest one and would you recommend any particular brand that is probably a bit more expensive or will any do?



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    I'm not sure, after searching the internet, The K800i shows as using the M2 card, is this different to the one that I use in my W810i? which is the memory pro duo

    I thought all SE phones uses the same memory card?


    nope, deffo m2.

    2gb sandisk at play for £17.99?

    512mb are only about a fiver less most places

    to be clear, not all se phones use the same card and the k800i is deffo m2 whereas the w810i is deffo pro duo

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    Thanks sossidge,

    So if the 512mb are only a fiver less then I’m better off buying the 2mb card.

    I am buying this as a present for my nephew, I read somewhere that 2gb cards in phones will make it crash a lot, is this true?

    i don't think that the capacity of a card will make it any less stable?

    maybe people were using fakes or pushing the boundary of what the firmware supports.

    would be hugely surprised if he had a problem with this card.

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    Sorry for propping this up again but 512mb will be more than adequate.

    Is there no offers under a tenner for a 512mb or what’s the best price for a 1gb?

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