Memory card for Sony psp.

    I'm thinking of getting a psp for my son (and getting it chipped/flashed) and would be after a large memory card. Does anyone know of a reputable site that sells large capacity memory for the psp?


    Try [url][/url]

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    Thanks for the post, but the prices seem to be a bit high.

    Anyone else?


    Thanks for the post, but the prices seem to be a bit high.Anyone else?…241


    ive got a 2gb if interested let me know?>

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    Thanks Shaz for the link:thumbsup:

    Sorry Angel but I'm after a new card.

    ok no probs (it is still boxed as new with adaptor also could send a pic if you wish but your choice just thought id let you know i only used for a week so has hardly been used and as i say boxed too

    sorry just noticed box for it says 1gb not 2 gb as the mem card is not sure why?

    PSP etc With 1 game £125
    PSP with 2 games £130
    PSP with all games £145

    * Killzone liberation (promo - FULL gAME)
    * Fifa world cup germany (boxed in ex cond)
    * Dead to rights (boxed etc)
    * fight night round 3 (boxed ex cond)
    * Burnout revenge (boxed ex cond)

    FREE 2GB memory card with any package
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