Memory - DDR PC3200 512MB, 1GB or 2GB, need cheap upgrade!

    Hi all,

    Does anyone know where I can get cheap PC3200 DDR RAM? Need either 2x512s, 1 x 1GB or 2 x 1GB - if 2 of them, preferably matching pairs.

    Thanks in advance!!


    me too, but 4x 512mb.

    Original Poster

    Its annoying - I'll be ******ed if I'm going to pay more for DDR than DDR2!!!! Cant find it cheap anywhere

    I ended up getting some crucial ballastix, It was £45.99 at the time, About £10 more than the cheaper stuff!

    crucial ballistix is only £34.06 inc. VAT.

    You can get 512mb of Kingston RAM for £27.07 at ebuyer:…198

    If you buy something else for £3 to take the order total over £30 before shipping, you can save £10 using Google Checkout.
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