memory expansion for xbox 360 slim

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Found 13th Nov 2010
i want to put a bit more memory in my xbox 360 4gb but i dont know what to use and what is easier to use any help please people.


Either buy one of the 250gb drives and slot it in the bottom or you could use a couple of usb sticks.
You could buy an old xbox hard drive, remove it from the case and put that in but it would be loose and i dont recommend it!

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is that one of these http://www.game.co.uk/Accessories/Xbox-360/Memory/Xbox-360-250GB-Hard-Drive/~r348462/?d=1z13fvhZ1z13mmvZ1z13fqs or is it this one http://www.game.co.uk/Accessories/Xbox-360/Memory/Xbox360-250GB-Hard-Disk-new/~r352035/?d=1z13fvhZ1z13mmvZ1z13fqs how wud it work with the usb sticks??


is that one of … is that one of thesehttp://www.game.co.uk/Accessories/Xbox-360/Memory/Xbox-360-250GB-Hard-Drive/~r348462/?d=1z13fvhZ1z13mmvZ1z13fqs or is it this onehttp://www.game.co.uk/Accessories/Xbox-360/Memory/Xbox360-250GB-Hard-Disk-new/~r352035/?d=1z13fvhZ1z13mmvZ1z13fqs how wud it work with the usb sticks??

The second one of those will work with your console. With regards to the usb sticks they have to be a max of 16Gb and you can use upto two at a time so giving you 32Gb worth.
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