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Found 14th Feb 2008
Can anyone recommend a decent memory foam matress king size, i only have a double size base at the moment so i would need a king size base too.Been around bed shops today but prices seem very high.I can buy of websites or ebay just looking for someone who has brought one thats good quality.Budget is £400 could maybe stretch to £450.Is there that much difference in a king size in peoples experience maybe best to get a decent double mattress for my existing base i have.Thanks for your help


I saw some memory foam mattress toppers in TJ Hughes in Doncaster the other day. They were about £60 rrp £150. Would they be an option?

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it is worth considering thanks donnydude,however i am thinking of kingsize or even super kingsize ebay seems about cheapest,can anyone recommened a king size mattress of ebay as there are quite few.Does anyone also know where i could get a super kingsize base cheap.Thanks…ul/
not kingsize though hmmmm

edit kingsize £269.99!!!!!!!

Poundstretcher apparently have these for £49.99 for a double & kingsize are also available. A member on another forum purchased one of these & loves it.

I asked on here a while ago about a king size memory mattress, and this eBay seller was recommended to me: viceroybedding

They have got excellent ratings for their mattresses, which are full memory foam, no springs - AND the king size one I was watching finished for just 123 pounds plus 35pounds postage, 160 all in!

That would leave you 240 for a nice base to go with it :thumbsup:

Hope this helps

Hi, recently bought a Highland memory foam mattress from ebay. Great quality and only bout £150. Some of the ones on ebay are pretty shoddy as low density foam (anything under 65kg/m3) feels a bit too soft as does a mattress under 8inches in thickness. The one I bought was 10inch mattress - 75kg/m3 memory foam and has 3inches of memory foam (not the usual 2) and 7inches of high quality foam underneath it was sold by shop4hardware (ebay ID) and it arrived in a couple of days!! I would not recommend buying a memory foam topper to put on your old mattress as I has one previous to me purchasing this mattress and to be honest the topper didn't make much difference! Also I personally don't like the memory foam mattresses that also have springs so this mattress was great for me. Hope you find what you need!!
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