Memory Foam Mattress

    Basically after 6years now my SilentNight Argos Sprung one must finally be put to rest.

    And since I no longer want to see mattress's as a (albeit long term) consumable I want to see if it's worth going foam.

    20cm/8inch ones are about £400 which seems ok?

    If know cheaper please post, thanks!


    Word of warning with a foam mattress is that they do warm up, alright in the winter months but unbareable in summer.

    If your unsure why not try a matress topper it's a fraction of the price of a new one and could be used with your current bed! My parents swear by theirs they live it think theirs is 2 3/4 in to 3 inch in depth. If you try local markets or eBay you will find them cheaper hope it helps x

    There can be quite a difference in the foams used in mattresses. I did quite a bit of research before buying my last bed. You will find a long thread about mattress buying on MSE. Eventually I went for a pocket sprung mattress with memory foam on each side.... this was the recommendation of the 'expert' on MSE who actually sold them and it's been fine. I didn't buy from him though as I went to try one of the mattresses out first and bought from there. I think it worked out at about £500 for the mattress and base for a king size. It's so hard trying them out in shops as the real test is a full night on them.

    Anyway - I am saying don't think all memory foam is the same and there does seem to be some logic in having a double sided memory foam mattress if you want it to last a long time. The sales pitch for the single sided ones is that you don't have to turn the mattress - but then only one side is being used. With a double sided you can turn/rotate in 4 ways instead of just the 2 with a single sided.

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    My current silent night already has a a nice pillowtop on it, I've looked after it so it looks nearly new just it's come under typical wear and tear

    £140ish for 4inch foam topper sounds viable, although I'm wondering if I'd just be extending the life of what I have right now.
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