Memory Foam Mattress Deals

    looking to purchase a kingsize memory foam matress wonder if anyone has any ideas best priced and where to buy


    minefield come to mind. so many out there all very different in density, thickness,quality, mans choice is another mans rubbish......head to your local bed store and try out a few to get an idea of what feels best for you...then research on goole about the above different types and then take that risk...took me about a year to buy one that i felt comfortable paying and testing.....managed to pick it up locally as well......superking 3"(mem foam, 5" base) 50kg density for £200...good luck your gonnna need it LOL

    I don't know about memory foam, but I thought I'd mention that latex mattresses are great. Like memory foam, they have that bounce back and they're comfy. However, latex is a natural, green option. It's durable and has hypo-allergenic, anti-bacterial, and anti-dust mite qualities!

    Just saying... definitely worth looking into.


    Agree with jayjay ergoflex ones are good - best mattress I've ever had, they do take a while to 'bed in' (no pun intended!) took me about 3 weeks to get used to it


    We have a king and aouble from Ergoflex - and my sister-in-law bought a kingsize after staying with us and sleeping on the double. They are excellent and a very good price - you need to look out for their half-price sales, which happen quite often.
    Have a look of Hypnia memory foam mattress, they provide 10 year warranty for the memory foam. I've got 2 of their mattresses for nearly a year. They are excellent and very comfortable and no nasty smell. I really love them and the price is extra value too. They also include a pair of free pillows for each one, although the pillows do look a little bit small in the bed but perfect for my sons.

    John Lewis pocket comfort 1 £399
    worth the money but still cheap for a king I have this and it's brilliant! Pocket sprung and memory foam layer best combo IMO..
    Also plenty in their sale too.
    Good luck.

    recently got a Celcius 5 Zone Kingsize Memory Foam Mattress from homebase,, which is the same one here…php you can pick one up for £320 delivered using voucher code ex15

    I bought off this seller and am really happy with the quality of the matress for the price so would recommed if your on a budget.

    Not sure if the link will work but the seller is allextras1


    better than Tempur?


    better than Tempur?

    Probably not but alot cheaper

    could do with something like this, are those toppers any good?
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