memory foam mattress... What Are They Like?

    Thinking of buying a memory foam mattress from netto..
    has anyone got one?


    I have only got a memory foam mattress topper but it is fab!! Is it a double mattress at Netto and how much is it?

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    [COLOR="Purple"]i have a topper too..
    but this is an actual mattress £120, i think..[/COLOR]

    we have one, they are excellent.
    No more bad backs

    i have 1 its luurvly would never go back
    try them all tho coz theres a lot of difference between them
    hard to roll over


    we have one, they are excellent.No more bad backs

    Second that, the day i swapped my matteress by back stopped hurting

    We have a tempur mattress,,,no going back too springs for us,,,Fantastic,,,

    I have a topper and it's fab. I love it and i do find it makes me warmer, so a bonus!!

    My mum and dad have just thrown theirs out ater six months, my dad hated it, he is disabled and found it impossible to roll over.


    Second that, the day i swapped my matteress by back stopped hurting

    ditto! it really does make a difference and worth every penny

    Painful, I don't like them, especially when I'm sat up and lie down too quickly, hitting the pillow almost gives me concussion.

    i don't like them. they make me feel dizzy when i get up and i find them hard to roll over on.

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    i don't like them. they make me feel dizzy when i get up and i find them … i don't like them. they make me feel dizzy when i get up and i find them hard to roll over on.

    [COLOR="Purple"]why would it make you feel dizzy?[/COLOR]

    I slept on one when in hospital and it was nightmare to move on but quite comfy to sleep on (better than the airbed I had previously!!!!)

    We have a memory foam mattress,
    They take a bit of getting used to but if you have back problems the best mattress to get is an orthopaedic mattress.

    Found mine hot and sweaty and quite hard changed back to springs. As with all mattress you need to test then out before you buy.

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    [COLOR="Purple"]thanks all..
    you have been helpful..[/COLOR]

    Bought one a year ago and about to change. If you toss and turn in your sleep then you might not find a Memory Foam Mattress for you as you pretty much have to wake to turn over which is not good. Also, both myself and my partner suffered from pins and needles quite a lot, I thought we would get used to this mattress but apparently not so back to springs. We are average weight, not really heavy and the mattress was a medium to firm one. By the way, it eventually becomes indented with your shape as you do not move about as much. Not very impressed but as they say different horses for different courses...

    I bought one last week, my back pain has been less severe and more infrequent since getting the bed. They are slightly warmer but not much, the key is don't get one that has too thick a layer of memory foam, the thicker the foam layer the more you sink in and the warmer you will get. Lots of good information over at MSE about this. I bought a La Romantica Madrid King Size for just over £400 delivered, much cheaper than more well known brands.

    I was looking into getting a memory mattress for a while & was mostly told
    that if its only memory foam then it can be hard for some to get used to as you
    tend to sink into it making it hard to turn while sleeping.The best memory mattress
    are ones which have individual springs topped with memory foam as they help spring it
    back to shape.
    I bought a memory mattress with 2000 springs yesterday & my back
    felt much better today morning.:thumbsup:

    I have a mattress with the memory foam topper - its very good the only issue I have is I get very hot during the night

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