Memory for my Macbook Pro? Help plz

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Found 30th Jan 2007
Hi guys,

I am thinking about upgrading my memory on my Macbook Pro 2.0Ghz 15"

I currently have 1GB but would like to throw in another gig for graphics and stuff. Does anyone know of any good sites in the UK and any recommendations on a specific brand etc.

Thanks in advance folks

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I just got some from crucial, I think there are still some discount codes floating around plus quidco of course.

I just bought 1GB memory for my Pro from Ebay. I spent ages looking, and £65 including P&P for Kingston memory was by far the best.

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Cheers guys i'll check them out!!

Make sure you keep in mind how many slots are free. I would imagine with a notebook, you'll have to buy a whole 2GB, then sell your 1GB, since likely they are in pairs.

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As far as im aware the mbpro has 2 slots of which one is currently filled with a 1gb stick!

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Does this look to be my best bet?


I bought mine from the apple store, not a cheap as Crucial but they were willing to fit it for me, as i wasnt sure for the first time.

You dont need to buy in pairs controntry to what everyone says, I'm running a 1gb and the original 256. Works fast, someone told me it would work slower than 2x 528 (if thats the right number) but it works fine slightly faster than my old macbook that ran only 1gb


Does this look to be my best … Does this look to be my best bet?]http://www.crucial.com/uk/store/mpartspecs.aspx?mtbpoid=421F2E1EA5CA7304

yeah that's the right spec.

open your MBP up and check what slots are being used. My MBP had 2 * 512Mb sticks in there so if you want 2Gb, you need 2 * 1Gb sticks.
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