Memory Prices using Google checkout


    Noticed that the google checkout offer is ending pretty soon thus thought I might as well take advantage quickly.

    What it is I am looking to buy a 2 sticks of 1GB PC 2700 DDR 333 Mhz 184PIN 1 GB RAM for my computer.

    and noticed that I would get £10 off thus giving a good deal? But noticed that there are many types of this e.g. value stick

    Which one should I go for?



    I'd be interested in this aswell, so I'll bump it up!

    they look to be about £80 and up on ebuyer. You would be better off upgrading your motherboard and getting DDR2 - you can get 2gib of that for £35 on ebuyer

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    Thanks for the reply, but on eBuyer I found this 1gb for £40 (excluding google checkout)

    Any ideas?

    my £80 price tag included the two sticks - its always best to buy them as a pair anyway. Its crazy the prices you need to pay for old DDR now when the prices of DDR2 are so low

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    Thanks Mako for ur reply! Id rather jus stick a memory stick in rather than get a new memory stick etc....not good with Computers this the cheapest I wil probably get it?
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