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    Hi all again
    Quick question which I know may sound stupid

    Do all USB memory sticks work on TVs with USB socket. basically I'm looking to buy a 64gb USB stick to watch movies on my tv


    all usb sticks should work its the content that causes problems

    No, some TVs will have a limit as to what size drive it can read. My advise would be if unsure then stick to 32GB or under.

    What make of TV do you have?

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    Cheers both
    It's a bush or sharp

    File format of the movie is the problem, normally mkv files.

    I'd stick to the smaller drive then. Like ding said, playback can be a real problem on some of these smaller brand TVs.

    Possible to look at maybe something like a chromecast and stream your films from a laptop or smartphone/tablet?

    There may be an issue with drive format also. Possibly only working with the drive being formatted as FAT32. This is the default format that most USB sticks come in.

    Additionally, does your TV menu have an option for selecting USB input or something similar, if not, there's a chance that the USB socket is only for engineers diagnostic and repair, not for user file viewing.

    Probably three items to consider with the stick itself, then consider the TV requirements.
    1) maximum GB capacity that the TV can read
    2) file format required by TV (FAT32 or NTFS are typical file formats, where FAT32 would limit the individual file size to max circa 4GB each)
    3) physical considerations (can you physically fit the intended USB drive into TV USB slot without obscuring nearby cabling / walls / other obstructions).
    Container files types, codecs and resolution are less critical for modern TVs. Most modern TVs can read virtually all containers, codecs and resolutions. Older TVs may not like MKV container. Ancient TVs may only recognise AVI at low resolution. Only 4k TVs tend to be able to decode x265 / HEVC.

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    Cheers all

    some tvs have a usb slot but don't support memory card well the older ones anyway

    Most tvs accept all thumb drives. If it's a smart TV it may only read movies in avi or h264. If you are looking to record to the thumb drive it may not work. I have a Sony Android tv which plays every format via a application like kodi and vlc. The only other format you may have issues with is mkv h265.
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