Memory stick help please

    Please can someone point me in the right direction?
    I'm trying to find a larger capacity memory stick for a camcorder but have no idea what this one is called so cant hunt for one!

    thanks in advance,any sites selling these cheaply?


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    I think it may be hard to find Memory stick Pro now, the Pro Duo has taken over.
    Pro Duo are usually supplied with an adaptor so that you can use it in your device.

    What capacity do you want?

    someone has a 5 star thread on HUKD, check it out.…t=2

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    as big as i can get?


    as big as i can get?

    Check to see what the largest capacity your camcorder can accept before you splash out.

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    cant find that info anywhere,the instruction manual is hopeless the model no is (sony) DCR TRV27E
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