Memory stick question

    I have a memory stick with files on it and i was wondering if there is a program i can use which would like pop up when the usb is inserted and ask for a password etc?

    If so can someone post a link here and i will give them rep thanks !



    cant you do that when you first format it
    put a password on it

    This will work…php

    Q: How can I use TrueCrypt on a USB flash drive?
    A: You have two options:
    [*]Encrypt the entire USB flash drive. However, you will not be able run TrueCrypt from the USB flash drive.
    Note: Windows does not support multiple partitions on USB flash drives.
    [*]Create a TrueCrypt file container on the USB flash drive (for information on how to do so, see the chapter ][COLOR=#006699]Beginner's Tutorial[/COLOR], in the ][COLOR=#006699]TrueCrypt User Guide[/COLOR]). If you leave enough space on the USB flash drive (choose an appropriate size for the TrueCrypt container), you will also be able to store TrueCrypt on the USB flash drive (along with the container – not in the container) and you will be able to run TrueCrypt from the USB flash drive (see also the chapter ][COLOR=#006699]Traveler Mode[/COLOR] in the ][COLOR=#006699]TrueCrypt User Guide[/COLOR]).[/LIST]

    i love truecrypt
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