Memory stick wanted to save photos & digital camera movie clips (lots of em!), can an

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Found 2nd Jul 2007
I'm in a slightly foreign territory here...dh keeps telling me we need a memory stick as we have ALL of the photos of our 2 kids from birth and now his admin for his business on a rather rickety pc. The floods etc have made me think that he's probably right and losing the lot would be horrible.:-(

But I have no clue about which one to get! :?

I got a free one after a bought a Brother DCP130C printer, which is 256m (?), but it won't store the pics as it says the video clips from the camera are 'too deep' to store, and it kicks me back out without saving any of them. I'm guessing this is because 256m (moon units?!) is too puny for our huge collection of random pics I'm too sentimental to pare down.. But we're brassic with dh starting new business, so we probably need a cheap, reliable one which'll take the lot.

Does anyone have any suggestions please??

Thanks in advance,


Why not put them to DVD instead, memory sticks can be quite expensive especially as you will probably never move or delete the pics after putting them on the stick, therefore making the memory stick a one time use device.

DVD discs are about 20p each, burn them to disc and have a back up one too if you want. All for a fiver max.

I think memory sticks are useful for moving data and short term storage not long term.

You can always view your pics on other peoples dvd players then, something you will be unlikely to if it is on a stick.

If you are set on a stick then there is a 4Gb ][COLOR="Red"]one[/COLOR] at dvd.co.uk for £18 which is about as cheap as they come at the moment.

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I had wondered about DVD. Dh said that his mate at work said you can't change pics once you have them on dvd, so if you want to edit them or change the size, etc, you'd be stuck with what you have.

I would have thought you could just bung the dvd in and save the pics to something like Picasa and play around with them, but I'm not an expert! Do you know if you can change em once saved?


Surely they are saved to disc in the same format as they are saved to on your pc so why wouldn't you be able to change them?

Obviously once changed they would have to be saved to another disc as the dvd would not be able to be changed, perhaps this it what he meant.

You're best trying to backup your photo's in as many places as possible, just in case. One thing you could try - which is free, would be to back them up online. There are many websites which allow free storage online. ]MyOtherDrive is one example. I havn't used them personally, but have heard them recommended. 5GB (Gigabytes) is a lot of data and should enable you to back up a lot of photos.
Might be worth a look. Otherwise you'd probably be better looking for a cheap external hard drive rather than a usb stick as it would be better in the long run. Backing up to CD or DVD is also useful, but I wouldn't want it to be my only backup, just in case they don't copy correctly. Also CD/DVD's are not as durable as Tomorrow's World would have had us believe!

Hope this helps!

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Thanks everyone! :thumbsup: It's a good idea to have a backup plan in case the backup fails...I'll go for a three pronged attack I think!

Ta for the info on the cheapest memory stick, too. I'm not sure whether we have facilities to copy stuff onto dvd (that's how rubbish I am modern technology, I'm a whizz on word and publisher cos of work, and that's about it!) so I'll get some dvd's and have a go. We have the cd thingy so I'm guessing that'll be the same thing. Ahem.

Ta again folks, I've added some rep to show my appreciation!


Check you have a dvd writer on the pc before getting any dvd's, you may just have a cd writer.

If you save them to DVD discs, Make sure they are good quality and you back them up every year, Otherwise the Dvd data could wipe clean/vanish (Happened to us, Luckily the HDD was still working!!!!)

Buy a USB powered harddrive and you can save all photos DVD and papers a 60 gb will set you back £30-£40 and no matter what happens to your computer you will have your back up. In fact any external hardrive
Check ebuyer they sometimes sell them cheap

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That's fab! Probably worth us saving up for one of those then. It's amazing what's out there nowadays (been caged up a long time with children, y'see!)

Thanks, Luce :thumbsup:
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