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    Hi all,

    I want to start to get into running and have heard that Asics trainers are brilliant for their technology they have implemented in their trainers. Anyway, i wanted to know what are a decent pair to get and where to get them. I have a budget of around £40 so not expecting a miracle. Also, i am as fit as the world hotdog eating champion so i doubt i will be able to run more than a few meters but its good to have the right equipment just in case i do.....

    Appreciate all your help.

    P.s. This has not come about from watching run fat boy run

    Forgot to mention... im a male so no pink shoes


    Find your local running shop and they will analyse your running style and recommend the best pair for your budget.

    Ascis 2150 Look for IGS in heal, give u support in ankle area idea for a newbi to running joggin
    Good look

    Original Poster

    Thanks travelchic

    I use the asics 2150. But you should only use if you over pronate. Again, worth getting your gait analysed at a runnung shop if you are serious.…04/?tag=****&creative=22110&creativeASIN=B0031Y7QYU&linkCode=asn
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