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    Am looking for a mens bike, nothing exspensive...I've got around £80...what's the best I kind get out there? Ideally looking for front/dual suspension.

    I looked at a shockwave on the halfords site but then found reviews on here saying how shockingly bad they were.



    tbh for £80 you wont get a great bike and halfords bikes arent the best but for the price you dont have much choice really

    whatever you do dont use toysrus shocking service go to a good bike shop and get a proper bike

    Try for a second hand bike at that price - it's your only option really to get something that you will enjoy using.

    What will you use it for?
    Be good, Dio

    In my experience Halfords mechanics are appalling, had several children's bikes over the years (not for me the kids) and a couple of adults. Had everything from cranks falling off to handlebars to seats, very dangerous, although a bloody child in tow, a few choice words with the manager ended up with greatly upgraded bikes. So either get on ebay, some very good bikes for little cash, second hand is best, lots more for the money(stick to brands). Or buy Halfords cheapest bike crash it(after the handle bars come loose) and through a few F's and F's at the manager.

    Here's a couple to be getting on with
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