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    Hi there, i have seen some boxers i like such as calvin klein,ted baker etc but on asos they are about £20 there a good online store that sells the same type of underwear at a slightly cheaper price?

    rep for help thankyou



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    Benson's Bargain;7450653

    M&Mdirect are ok for pants etc.

    hiya thanks but they look a bit old and not a very big selection.

    thanks for taking the time to help tho ive repped ya

    Debenhams had some in their sale!

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    Debenhams had some in their sale!

    haha yeah looking now they are about the same price...nevermind ill just pay the £20 odd for each one and hope not to get skid marks

    cheers ppl

    go to tkmaxx, they dont have underwear online but my OH has had many pairs from there - ted baker/calvin klein/dkny etc etc they are usually well set out too so you dont have to rake like you do with the clothes :thumbsup:

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    oh and try house of fraser - they have 20% off at the … oh and try house of fraser - they have 20% off at the mo,default,sc.html

    thanks alot ive gone half and half (asos and hof that is)

    repped for help

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