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Found 17th Nov 2017
Hi I’m in need of some help please. Being a women I have no clue when it comes to men’s shaver and my son has joined the army and his skin is so sore from shaving daily so I’m going to get him one for xmas. Does anybody know any good ones that have a nice sale on them please. I missed an amazing deal on a amazing Amazon one so I’m struggling on which one to get now. Would really appreciate your help in this thank you
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Having bought several well know brands over the years I still rate Phillips as the best, Yesterday I just treated myself to a new Philips 1000 three head rechargeable shaver which is to replace my old Philips battery shaver having had for over two years
you might want to confer with him over this, the reason for most shaving problems is not taking the time to do it properly
and if he doesn't have the time an electric shaver will be a poor substitute.
On a young man the facial hair is softer and bends with electric blades decreasing the effectiveness and increasing the time taken to shave.
The system that worked for me is
1. only rinse the blade in cold water
2 shave the full face with single downward strokes(ie don't shave the same area twice) then rinse in coolish water
3 repeat the shave using upward strokes
4. use a proper aftershave not "eau de toilet" (or any cheap alcohol/water mix)
I bought my teenage son a Philips 3000 rechargeable wet & dry shaver from Argos a few months back (currently £54.99 but I'm sure I paid around £40 for it). He is prone to a few acne spots and didn't like using a traditional razor as it hurt too much. This shaver has a long battery life and is ideal for anyone with delicate skin. I know there is a cheaper model around £35 mark (plain black) but can't comment on that one. just have a search of reviews on Argos for both models.
keep an eye on the bruan 7 and 9 series they are the best shavers out there and have had some excellent prices lately.
Phillips 3000 £40.84 +free delivery on Amazon
I've bought my last two from Go for a linear drive model - I prefer Panasonic as they had them first.

linear drive means the blades vibrate at the same speed no matter what charge is on the battery.

This model is 1/2 price, it's a midrange model, although it can be used in the shower.
Thank you so much everybody
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