Mens Helath


    I want to get an article from the site but it appears to only allow subscription members. I buy the magazine quite often but I do not want to subscribe as I am away a lot.

    Please does anyone have the name and number required to bypass this or anybody know how to get past this by other means?



    I'm not sure what the website adress is so I can't check but try


    Which is a website designed to let you login to websites such as newspaper websites without registering

    or check out…zno I think these are american editions but prob very similar. Its in a digital format so if you go anywhere you can take them on the lappy or you can download the latest edition while your away. Very handy cheap annual subscriptions too.

    I use em for a techie mag but let me know if you go ahead as I would quite like to see what the mens health is like before subscribing.
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