Men's Mascara?!?

    I wandered into H&M today and at the back with their accessories, saw a new 'grooming' section. There was sat a small tube of mascara . I thought maybe it was in the wrong place, having been moved from the ladies department.... wrong! It was labeled '[U Men's Mascara' .
    I was shocked to say the least.. Having just googled it, it seems H&M aren't the only ones, with a plethora of 'men's cosmetic' manufacturers around.
    Am I the only who finds this weird?


    Manscara to go with the Manbag!

    Original Poster

    lol i'm a self confessed (semi)'metrosexual' and i've no problems with the manbag but there is some stuff we should just leave to the

    i'd agree paperclip

    Mens clothes are designed to be baggy (ie jeans etc) so that we can carry around anything we need in our pockets, whether it be you manscara (paperclip ;-)) or your male varnish.

    Each to their own though i guess, ya big woofters lol

    Original Poster

    Mens clothes are designed to be baggy

    not always....

    manscara or your male varnish


    and that snide comment aimed at me...not appreciated!
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