Mens microfleece Pyjamas

    I am looking for some 30-32" chest mens fleecy pyjamas WITHOUT any buttons or zips for my 16yr old (autistic). Used to do fine with Primark boys but he is now 5'7" though very slender, and the trousers are up to his knees. He is VERY textile sensitive, so soft and cuddly suit well - but I can't find anything appropriate in menswear. He finds standard cotton PJ's "scratchy" no matter how many times I wash them.
    Anyone come across anything in their travels that may work????


    what about flanneltte as lots of shops so fleece top but flannelette bottoms.

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    May work as long as no zips or buttons. Where have you seen them please?


    May work as long as no zips or buttons. Where have you seen them please?

    I havent specifically but OH Tesco manager and i know with womens thats how sets come. Ive asked him to look when he goes to work now.

    Is there some kind of forum for carers of autistic ppl that might help you with things like this. Im sure other sufferers of autism might have same problem.

    You know like if your baby has colic there lots of great mum's forum where mums share advice so was thinking there must be an equivalent somewhere for you

    Tesco have a few that are a jersey type material with no buttons or zips - would they be any use?…ear

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    Close - but would prefer long sleeve over the winter.

    Rep left tho.


    Close - but would prefer long sleeve over the winter.Rep left tho.

    The cotton lounge pants and tops ( t-shirt material)this year havent got buttons like they previously did. I know they not fleece . OH didnt have time to ask yesterday as didnt manage to make it upstairs to clothes dept too busy. I shall remind him today

    what i always do is get separates, i buy the bottoms and it means i can add tops that suit matt as he is autistic and fussy what clothes he wears, could you get a thin fleece jumper or would the seam bother him?. if he likes tactile he will love the dressing gown they have at teso its a furry type of fabric really touchy feely and my son loves it. he is 16 so had to get him adult clothing for last year or so yet skinny and tall is hard to find lol

    i only just seen how old this post is lol but we going to have cold weather for a while yet i think
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