Mens Mountain Bike ?

Hi All

i need some help in choosing a mountain bike for myself ! im after something that will get me to work and back possibly a cheapie ? and im after a decent dual suspention for off road

im new to all this biking stuff but i want to get into it abit !

what would you guys recommend ?



I bought my partner 1 for Xmas a few yrs back it was.Raleigh purchased instore at Halfords,i spent about £120,it seemed pretty ok,did the job,very hilly round here but good rider he said. My Dad got it now.

Make sure you buy a helmet other than that don't know much about them.

Claud Butler,Carrera and such are quite dear,I don't know much but cna name some dear brands and some more reasonable priced ones etc. I paid £60 for mine from Toys R Us,but I rarely use it.I think its a teenage one but I'm not very tall so ok.

Depends how "Off road" you're going to be.
Don't go buying a cheap bike if you're going to be taking on the big stuff. It'll just end up breaking and you'll end up spending more just to fix it, or worse, you could injure yourself with it being unsuitable for heavy riding.
I'd avoid Toy's R Us bikes as they are more for show, the parts aren't really up to being off road.

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Cheers monkey

to be honest i only really want it for casual riding, work and back, it wont be much off road but id like the option incase i want to, and if it was off road it wont be anything major !!

also thinking about coast-2-coast ?

makro have a mountain bike with full suspension for £59 plus vat from tomorrow if that is any help!

Have you looked on the Sterling House website?
They do really good bikes and all are buy one get one free

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thanks skusey, theres some nice bikes !!!

are you sure there all BOGOF ???

even this ..... sterlinghouse.co.uk/pro…574

You'll get a much better bike if you don't get a cheapo full-suspension model! Cheap full-suspension bikes are rediculously heavy and inefficient - your much better off getting a hardtail (front suspension only).

There are cheap full-suspension bikes (under £100), then very little between £100-£500, then 'proper' full suspension bikes starting at around £500 (and going up to several thousand). A decent hardtail will be much lighter, faster and less like riding a sponge, especially when your going to work on the road!

Your best bet is a decent specced hardtail for around £300, and look to get last years model or older (33% cheaper and just as good!). You should be able to get decent (RockShox/Manitou/Marzocchi) forks, disc brakes and a 27-speed shimano or sram drivetrain. Decent brands to look at are (in no particular order) GT, Kona, Specialized, Giant, Trek (and a few others..). Carrera (Halfords) do sometimes have very good value spec for the money when they are on a sale at a third off or more...

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thanks for that Jah128

all those names confuse the hell out ov me ! i understand i dont really want to be going for a full suspension !

:-D no worries. Its the really cheap full suspension bikes I'd definately avoid - the ones under £100 - they are generally big lumps of steel and very weak components. What is your budget - thats what you really need to decide, it will determine what sort of thing you can get. In many ways getting two isn't a bad idea (but I'd look for a second hand bike as your work bike)...

By the way - for the C2C a decent hardtail is the best bet (unless you can afford over £1000 on a high end full sus!!). There is quite a bit of hard and gravel track and lots of climbing!! Good route though.

2nd edit - see you're a mackem (:roll:) - take it you will do the wearside finish then. You should cycle the Waskerley way to Stanhope when you get your bike (and if you make it a 3-dayer go to Hamsterley on the second day to do some forest trails!).

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cheers for the info jah

looking to spend between 100-200
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