Men's Mountain bike

    Someone's just stolen my bike :-(

    Can anyone recommend a decent men's bike model that costs around £200 - and where to buy it from.

    (actual deals please from people who are familiar with bikes / bike magazines and may have recently read an article on the best budget mountain bikes or something)



    Sorry to hear your bike was stolen, its a pain isn't it.

    What are you after - mountain bike, hybrid or town bike?

    What size bike/how tall are you?


    Try Amazon, some great deals on there

    Some little sh*t run past & stole my bike from outside the video shop while I was about 4 meters away from it & just rode it off!!
    I built myself a new bike using bits from ebay
    My advice would be to try ebay, its a pain selling now but you can still pick up bargains :thumbsup:
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