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    Hi there i'm looking for some advice from you fashion gurus out there.I've noticed alot of deals on coats on here and was after some recommendations on a new coat for winter.I quite like the woolen look as long as it's not too formal looking or i'm open to other suggestions,budget upto £100.
    I'm mid 20's by the way but i'm rubbish with all this stuff to be honest.So if you have any recommendations online or shops to try that'd be great.

    Thanks alot,sorry if this is inappropriate by the way.


    Have you got a TK Max near you? I was in my local one today and they had lots of different jackets and styles and you would easily find a good one for well less than £100.

    We usually shop at Next as a family and they've got some nice wool coats but you'll spend your whole budget there. However, my husband was looking for one to wear to work with his suits and almost got one from Next but then passed Primark and saw one in the window, went in and bought a black and white herringbone wool coat for £25, and believe me he's very fussy but it's no different to the Next ones. If you have a Primark near you it's worth having a look in and saving yourself a bit of money as it's fantastic quality (compared to some of the tat you get in there) and is a trendy style too.

    next have some really nice coats in at the moment as does USC , although i only buy from USC when they have a sale on as they can be a bit pricey IMO

    They both have the wool jackets in which i think look mighty fine on a chap & are just the job for winter

    So that Bench one on offer isn't recommended?


    go to topman.... there are some really nice peacoats there! I got a really nice one for £75... show them ur NUS for 10% off

    I still think guys look hot in a duffel coat

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    Thanks for the advice guys, guess i'll go have a browse round town when I next get chance.I do favour the wool finish but my one reservation about Peacoats is they seem a bit too smart, like i'm more of a jeans, t-shirt kinda guy.Maybe i'll see if I can find a compromise between the two.
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