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Found 29th Jan 2011
I have recently switched from smoking menthol cigs to roll your own menthol tobacco but my local newsagent has been out of stock of it for over a week and I cannot find another stockist nearby.

Does anyone know of any online sites I can puchase menthol handrolling tobacco from. Have tried the other shops in my local village and quite a few in my nearby town but they dont stock it.

I think it was Amber Leaf menthol pouches I was purchasing before the shop ran out of stock. They are supposed to be expecting a deliver but it hasnt arrived yet!

Thanks for any info - at moment smoking normal tobacco with menthol tips but do prefer the menthol tobacco with the tips.
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Not sure if this is too expensive … Not sure if this is too expensive http://www.uktobacco.com/cgi-bin/sh000068.pl?REFPAGE=http%3a%2f%2fwww%2euktobacco%2ecom%2facatalog%2f&WD=menthol&PN=uktobacco_com__Shag_Tobacco_57%2ehtml%23a685#a685

Nice little shop and great people. I have been there.
Stick a couple of polo's in the pouch.
Good prices on there, thanks
You can just buy menthol tips.
Thanks have ordered menthol and cherry menthol to try!
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